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Mobile Branding Auto

This advertisements are done autos in all over the city and the advertisements are fixed in rear side of the autos and by fixing stickers on the top of the autos. The entire top cover also can be removed and advertisement of the company can be placed.

This type of advertisements are used in promotional activities such as launching program, Inauguration of companies, advertisement of corporate companies. This advertisement will attract the view of many public.

Why KMC?

KMC is our own Fabrication and having two years of great experience in the Industry. We have large No. of working staffs you can give any No. of orders at any time and our service will be at your satisfied levels without any compromises in the finished product. We will advertise your product in maximum no. of autos as the clients requires. We will simultaneously give the report to the client by giving photos of the work done to each and every advertisement. We are doing the service not only in Chennai but also throughout Tamilnadu with any maximum no. of orders on time.